Thank you so much! I love it!!!!!

awwww ya e-z 2 pleez

lol, i’m glad you’re happy with it :D

click here for full size
No one of those borders backs fit to my theme :'(

i noticed you’re using one of my backgrounds already so i just slapped on this border that i had ready to go from the last one i did up.

hope that’s okay

I’ll post it so others with wide blogs like yours can use it ^ 3^

How do you use these backgrounds T_T?

you will find your answer here

click here for full sizeI hope this is good enough&#160;; -&#160;;

click here for full size

I hope this is good enough ; - ;

can you make a gothic theme background with the lace border?

I added a border to the skull one i posted recently :3

I will post a.s.a.p

omg i love you the sailor moon background looks so beautiful and cute and yeah~ :DD

imageimageimageimage thank you :b

I love your blog so much~ ^______^ THANK YOU!

waaaaah thank youimage

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Hello cutiee, I love your current background, the blue with cakes and ice creams on it, where can I find it?

I will post it in a bit!